A docker release of RiboGalaxy is now available and can be pulled from our ribogalaxy repository on docker hub. If you are new to docker please consult these links for docker installation instructions and complete documentation.

RiboGalaxy provides on-line tools for the analysis and visualization of ribo-seq data obtained with the ribosome profiling technique, see Ingolia et al (2009) Science.

Please post any questions, suggestions or feedback on our Forum. We would be delighted to hear from you.

For alignments to a genome, the easiest option is to use the published workflows for the genomes that are currently available in GWIPS-viz (see our HELP page). Check the list of published workflows under Shard Data to ensure that you are using the lastest workflow version for your genome of interest. Alternatively, you can use the tools under "GWIPS-viz Mapping". Our HELP page explains which tools to use.

For alignments to a transcriptome, you will need to upload a FASTA file containing the reference transcripts (see our HELP page for details on how to obtain a transcriptome FASTA file).

There is NO backup of data inside this ribogalaxy server. Consequently we advise you to download the generated outputs when your pipeline has completed. It is always possible to re-upload your ribosome profiles or coverage plot files to GWIPS-viz via the custom track option on GWIPS-viz.

To provide continuity of service, we ask users to co-operate with the following guidelines:

  1. Do not run several jobs simultaneously.
  2. Minimize your data storage by
    • * downloading the appropriate outputs when a job has completed (e.g. the alignments and the ribosome profiles).
    • * then delete the datasets in your history.
    • * purge them with "Purge Deleted Datasets" in the History menu.
    • * delete any unneeded History with "Delete Permanently" in History menu.

How to get your ribo-seq data published in GWIPS-viz. The tracks that you generate using our pipelines in RiboGalaxy will be visible as customtracks to you only. If you wish to get these tracks published in GWIPS-viz so that they are visible to the general public, you can copy the ribosome profile file and the coverage file to a new History and then "Make History Accessible via Link and Publish It". Please send the link to RiboGalaxy@gmail.com with details (e.g. the authors, organism, accompanying text, etc). Providing certain standards are met, we will be able to put your tracks in GWIPS-viz.

We recommend the following web browsers when using RiboGalaxy: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari. Other web browsers may also be suitable. Note that your IP address may be used for gathering website usage statistics with Google Analytics.

RiboGalaxy uses Galaxy functionality. You can post questions directly related to RiboGalaxy on our Forum.

If you wish to acknowledge RiboGalaxy in your publications, please cite Michel et al (2016) RNA Biology.

RiboGalaxy is supported by Science Foundation Ireland. SFI